Psychosocial Support for ill childrens

SAF Gambia successfully conducted Psychosocial support to motivate the recovery of admitted ill children’s in EFSTH Hospital.
Is important to know When a child has a serious medical problem, it’s stressful for everyone in the family. Your child may need extra support to manage the distress that comes with being sick. An illness can make kids feel different and lonely. They may miss school, activities, or time with friends. And if a child is diagnosed young and stays sick into their teens, it can disrupt normal emotional growth.

The Children’s And their  families express gratitude after receiving boxes Of presents and also participated  in activities such as dancing and drowning, Those  moments were heart-touching and emotional with happiness.

We Thank All the partners, especially The SAF Volunteers Team.

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    1. Thank you Mr. Abdoulie Ndure
      we have Solomon Correa instead of Jarjue
      This is his phone number. 2005686

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