Mental health Training in Kabafit Senior School

On the 29th January 2022, the School Mental Health Awareness Team under Supportive Activists Foundation (SAF) conducted a Mental Health Sentization training at Kabafita Senior Secondary School.

The training targeted 30 students and were train to have the basic understanding on mental Health and Mental Illness for there is a clear connection between mental health and academic performance. So is why helping students make the most of their education everyone’s goal. Students struggling with depression or other mental illnesses have a harder time feeling motivated, learning, concentrating, taking tests etc.

The training was concluded by allowing the students to share the benefits of the Mental Health training as far as they are concerned it will help them In the following:
*Reduction in anxiety
*Improved moods
*Clearer thinking.
*A greater sense of calm or inner peace.
*Increased self-esteem.
*Reduced risk of mental illness.
*Improvements in relationships.

At the end of the training Mr Sanneh a volunteer and a the teacher Coordinator in the school thank the entire team for coming and giving their best to the students and also advice the students to utilise the knowledge gained during the training in the community, so as to help in bringing awareness to the public as mental health is a global concern.

Finally, I wish to thank the SAF volunteers and the students for their efforts in making the training an interesting, interactive, educative and successfully one.
By Mr Samba Baldeh
Coodinator SHMAT.
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