Mental Health Training in Gambia Schools

School mental health Awareness team of SAF Gambia; today reach out to Sheikh Hamdan Senior Secondary School on the Date 27th of November , 2021 to raise awareness on mental health and substance Abuse; Adolescence stage is a crucial period for developing and maintaining social and emotional habits important for mental well-being

. These include adopting healthy sleep patterns; taking regular exercise; developing coping, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills; and learning to manage emotions. Supportive environments in the family, at school and in the wider community are also important. According to WHO report An estimated 10-20% of adolescents globally experience mental health conditions, yet these remain undiagnosed and untreated.
Youths are the most venerable when it comes to mental illness or mental health.So as school going childrens; they need to understand the things that affect their daily life activities which includes how they think,feel and act .

This initiative will help students to understand how to handle stress,relate others and make healthy choices or decisions.

As mental health is important in every stage of life we take up the responsibility and create awareness in schools as a team .
Is very important for SAF Gambia to educate youths understand the important of their mental health. many special thanks goes to our volunteer’s team who always endures the best of volunteerism and not forgetting the students of Sheikh Hamdan Senior Secondary School and the school administration. We welcome partnership and collaboration for a greater course of action.

Together we can end mental stigma in Gambia and educate societies to increase their love for persons with behavioral disorders,we can make a change in the nation and the world at large .

By: Samba Baldeh
Coodinator (SMHA)

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