Schools Mental Health Debate

Supportive Activists Foundation (SAF)through its School Mental Health Awareness Team (SMHAT)

On the 15th of October, 2021.
Held their 1st edition of Senior School Mental Health Debate at the Regional office in Brikama.

However theme of the event was “MENTAL HEALTH IN AN UNEQUAL WORLD”. Six different schools where invited and debated on three different topics namely;

This house believes that social, cultural and religious practices In The Gambia promotes mental and psychosocial wellbeing

This house believes that the media should not report the mental illnesses of people accused of crimes

This house believes that substance abuse is the leading cause of mental illness in The Gambia.

Furthermore, the schools that took part in this competition where,
Maahad Senior Secondary School,
Nustrat Senior Secondary school,
Brufut Upper and Senior Secondary School,
Mansa-Colley Bojang Senior Secondary School,
Sheikh Hamdan Senior Secondary School
and Yundum Barracks Upper and Senior Senior School.
Where Mansa-Colley Bojang SSS emarged 1st and Nustrat 2nd.

This event was really amazing with the kind of brilliant students that took part in it, the main purpose of the event was to create awareness with regards to mental health and mental illness.

The Gambia needs to be aware of mental health because if not hearing it we are seeing it daily or going through it, for that we need to create more awareness on it for the betterment of our beloved country and the world at large.

Thanks to SAF Gambia Volunteers from their Different coordinative bodies, the panelists and the guests for your wonderful efforts not forgetting the participants too.

To ministry of Health The Gambia and International Organization for Migration (IOM) we are saying a big thanks for being with us and supporting us towards the success of our event.

Best regards
Mr Samba Baldeh
Coordinator SMHAT

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