1st Inter-School Mental Health Debate Competition in the Gambia

On behalf of all the teams in SAF, I wish to extend my congratulations to the entire School mental health team for the energy, persistent, determination and self belief put in pulling out an event of such magnitude and For successfully volunteering to organize the 1st Inter-School Mental Health Debate Competition in the Gambia, It was indeed a day worthy attending as all participants did good job in taking solid stance on their topic, we learned, we got entertained and there was great networking amongst all..
Thank you for the team spirit..
I send gratitude to our partners IOM and MOH your partnership is so valuable to the countries development and the battle of ending discrimination and the stigma on Mental Health individual.
With the energy always portray we shall win together..
Once again Congratulations to all..
Solomon Correa
Supportive Activists Foundation

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