Re-Integration of returnees Intervention

Many Returnees are usually phase with stigma and Discrimination  for so many reason, which leads many having mental illness and substance abuse disorders. It’s important to understand Return migrate, Is like migration in general, is a complex phenomenon. However, it is by no means exceptional.
When people leave their countries, it is often with the expectation that they will return at some point. This is true for people who migrate for positive reasons such as education or work, but perhaps even more so
for those forced to migrate, whose return is usually conditional upon an improvement of the situation that forced them to leave. Some migrants never return. But many others do and under a variety of different
circumstances, let’s welcome and support  our people when they returns.

SAF Gambia Psychodrama intervention in  collaborating with IOM Gambia is  to educated communities on the effects, of stigma and discrimination against returnees.

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